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Who We


Hearts for Happiness is an organization that helps spread kindness and positivity in our community and beyond.  It started as a 6th grade community Service Project at Sequoia Elementary School in Santa Rosa, Ca. with the mission to raise money to perform random acts of kindness. We believe that our efforts have the potential to reach anyone and everyone, increasing positivity in the world, one act at a time. Working together, we can help each other to see the world as a positive place! Our hope is that we can be the reason someone smiles today!


We want to help create a pay it forward chain reaction where people are helping one another through random acts of kindness, thereby spreading happiness and ultimately creating a more productive and stressfree society.


Through education, outside donations and the grass root efforts of elementary school students, we hope to make a difference in our community, our state, our country, and the world.


In the Ted Talk below, Shawn Achor highlights the importance of happiness and positivity in our lives, This message was a source of inspiration for our project.

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