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Smile Spreaders! 4/14/16

Smile Spreaders!

For 6 weeks there has been a Hearts for Happiness meeting every other Wednesday. We have been planning and taking action with a program that we have called smile spreaders at Sequoia Elementary. Smile Spreaders is a program where students take shifts at recess with a clipboard and find people who are doing random acts of kindness. When we find someone doing something nice, we have them tell us their name and teacher, we write them down and at the end of the week we write their name on a certificate with a hearts for happiness / smile spreaders bracelet. Each week we alternate bracelets and kids collect them and have fun doing random acts of kindness. Hearts for happiness is planning to spread the smile spreaders and Hearts for Happiness program to fifth graders to take over for leaving sixth graders. We are also planning to expand to other schools and find other kids to take on the responsibility of running the Hearts for Happiness program. We are still working on so many other things to spread kindness and smiles everywhere we go! Thank you for your support!

-Hearts for Happiness Team


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